Fantasy Sports API

Fantasy Sports API

Yahoo Fantasy Sports API Guide

The Yahoo Fantasy Sports API allows developers to integrate Yahoo Fantasy Sports data into their applications. This guide will provide an overview of the API, its endpoints, and how to use it with JavaScript.

Getting Started

To use the Yahoo Fantasy Sports API, you’ll need an API key. You can obtain a key by registering an application with Yahoo Developer Network and subscribing to the Yahoo Fantasy Sports API.

Once you have an API key, make sure to include it in the authorization header of your API requests. For example:

Authorization: Bearer API_KEY_HERE


The Yahoo Fantasy Sports API has several endpoints, each of which provides a different set of data. Some of the most commonly used endpoints include:

Example Code

Here’s an example of how to use the Yahoo Fantasy Sports API with JavaScript. This example retrieves information about a specific league and logs it to the console:

const leagueKey = 'LEAGUE_KEY_HERE';
const apiKey = 'API_KEY_HERE';

fetch(`${leagueKey}`, {
    headers: {
        Authorization: `Bearer ${apiKey}`,
    .then((response) => response.text())
    .then((data) => console.log(data))
    .catch((error) => console.error(error));

To use a different endpoint, simply replace the endpoint URL in the fetch method.


The Yahoo Fantasy Sports API provides a wealth of data for developers looking to integrate fantasy sports data into their applications. By using the API with JavaScript, you can easily retrieve and manipulate this data to create engaging and informative applications.