Overwolf API

Overwolf API

An Overview of the Overwolf API

Overwolf is a platform that allows developers to create apps that run on top of existing games. It provides a range of APIs that allow developers to access a variety of features of the games and the Overwolf platform.

The Overwolf API is a collection of APIs that enable developers to create apps for games. These APIs provide access to game events and data, as well as platform-specific features like in-game overlays, database storage, and more.

Here are a few example code snippets in JavaScript that demonstrate how to use some of the APIs available in the Overwolf API:

Getting the current game ID

overwolf.games.getRunningGameInfo(function (gameInfo) {
    var gameId = gameInfo.gameId;
    console.log('Current game ID:', gameId);

This code uses the overwolf.games.getRunningGameInfo API to get information about the currently running game. The gameId property of the gameInfo object is then used to get the ID of the game.

Creating an in-game overlay

overwolf.windows.obtainDeclaredWindow('MyOverlay', function (result) {
    if (result.status === 'success') {
        overwolf.windows.restore(result.window.id, function (result) {
            console.log('Overlay restored:', result.window.id);

This code uses the overwolf.windows.obtainDeclaredWindow API to get a reference to an overlay window called “MyOverlay”. If the window exists, the code then uses overwolf.windows.restore to show the overlay.

Saving data to the Overwolf database

var dataObj = { key1: 'value1', key2: 'value2' };
overwolf.profile.getCurrentUser(function (userInfo) {
        function (result) {
            console.log('Data saved:', result);

This code uses the overwolf.profile.setUserData API to save a JavaScript object to the Overwolf database under a key named “myData”. The getCurrentUser API is used to get the username of the currently logged-in user, which is used as the database name.


The Overwolf API provides a powerful set of APIs that allow developers to easily create apps for games. These examples give a taste of what’s possible with the Overwolf API and should help get started building your own game apps. Check out the full API documentation for more information on how to use the various APIs available.