The Power of Purgomalum Public API

Do you ever feel like you need to moderate or filter out offensive language in your application or website? Look no further than Purgomalum Public API!

Purgomalum filters out profanity in strings and returns a censored version. It provides a simple RESTful API that is free to use. Let’s take a look at some examples of how to use it with JavaScript.


No installation is required to use Purgomalum Public API.


To use the API, you simply need the URL for the API endpoint as well as the parameters you want to use. Here is an example of a JavaScript function that uses the Purgomalum API to filter out bad words:

function purgomalumFilter(str) {
  const url = `http://www.purgomalum.com/service/json?text=${str}`;
  const response = await fetch(url);
  const data = await response.json();
  const output = data.result;
  return output;

In this example, we simply pass in a string that we want to filter and the API will censor any swear words or bad language.


console.log(purgomalumFilter('I can swear like a sailor!'));
// Output: I can **** like a sailor!

The above JavaScript function takes in a string value “I can swear like a sailor!” and uses the API to return the filtered version “I can **** like a sailor!“.


Purgomalum Public API is a simple and powerful tool for filtering offensive language in any string. With its easy-to-use RESTful API, you can easily integrate it into your application or website to create a more positive experience for your users.