How to Use the Geoplugin API

If you need to get geographical information about a certain IP address, the Geoplugin API is a great tool to use. Here’s how to get started with it in JavaScript:

Step 1: Register and Get Your API Key

To use the Geoplugin API, you first need to register on their website and create an account. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be given an API key which you’ll need to include in your API calls.

Step 2: Include the API Code in Your JavaScript Project

You can include the Geoplugin API code in your JavaScript project by adding the following script link in the head section of your HTML document.

<script src=""></script>

Alternatively, you can download the script and include it in your project folder.

Step 3: Call the API

To call the API, you need to use the following code:

function getLocation() {
    var script = document.createElement('script');
    script.src =

function getLocationData(data) {

In the above code, the getLocation() function calls the Geoplugin API with the JSON endpoint. The data is returned in JSONP format, which is why we need to include the jsoncallback parameter to set the name of the callback function. In this case, we’re using the getLocationData() function to handle the response.

Step 4: Interpret the Response

The response that you get from the Geoplugin API provides a lot of information, such as the country, region, city, latitude, longitude, currency, timezone, and more. Here’s a sample of what the response might look like:

    "geoplugin_request": "",
    "geoplugin_status": 200,
    "geoplugin_city": "New York",
    "geoplugin_region": "New York",
    "geoplugin_areaCode": "212",
    "geoplugin_dmaCode": "501",
    "geoplugin_countryCode": "US",
    "geoplugin_countryName": "United States",
    "geoplugin_continentCode": "NA",
    "geoplugin_latitude": "40.7143",
    "geoplugin_longitude": "-74.006",
    "geoplugin_regionCode": "NY",
    "geoplugin_regionName": "New York",
    "geoplugin_currencyCode": "USD",
    "geoplugin_currencySymbol": "$",
    "geoplugin_currencySymbol_UTF8": "$",
    "geoplugin_currencyConverter": 1

In the above response, you can see that the geoplugin_city parameter has the value “New York”. This tells us that the IP address that we queried is located in New York. You can use the other parameters to get a more detailed picture of the IP address’s location.

Final Thoughts

The Geoplugin API is a great tool for getting geo-location information about an IP address. In this tutorial, you learned how to call the Geoplugin API in JavaScript and interpret its response. With this knowledge, you can now use the Geoplugin API to enhance your web applications.